The 10 Best Cruises For People 50+

There are many ways to travel. However, taking a cruise is the most effective option made available. Excellent service and world-class dining options are provided at a very reasonable price. Why trek around narrow streets and bumpy terrain, when you can enjoy the perks of a city amidst a terrifically scenic environment? There are many scenarios in which the traveler will be able to visit multiple cities. The best part: You’ll only have to unpack once! Simply put, vacationers on a cruise are offered the absolute best when it comes to complete comfort.

Here are 10 cruises which cater specifically to those over 50 years of age:

Paul Gauguin Cruises (Society Islands & Cook Islands)

If one’s looking for luxury, look no further than Paul Gauguin Cruises. The company primarily offers trips throughout the picturesque South Pacific region. There are 7-Day and 11-Day excursions made available. The all-inclusive pricing accounts for everything one could ask for (meals, beverages, on-board gratuities, entertainment). A popular 11-Day package includes travel all throughout the warm, crystal-blue waters of the region. Vacationers will be afforded the opportunity to visit tropical havens such as Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha’a, Huahine, Aitutaki, Raratonga, and even Gauguin’s private island, Motu Mahana. This unbelievable package begins at a reasonable $6,145.

Azamara Club Cruises (Havana Discovery Voyage)

Guide For Seniors ranks Azamara Club Cruises as the No. 1 cruise option for senior citizens. There’s much in the way of variety should one opt to use Azamara. The company offers trips throughout the world — including North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. This specific journey includes a 7-Day trek starting in Miami. It encompasses stops along the way in Key West, Havana, Cuba, and Cozumel, Mexico. With Havana just recently made available for United States citizens, it’s a fantastic opportunity to take in this exotic city. Duly, this package costs $1,894 — which is far more affordable than having to craft an individual trip with airfare, lodging accommodations, and other tasks. There are also plenty of features catering to those over the age of 50. Azamara specializes each experience to fit the customer’s needs — offering personal butlers, a medical facility with doctors, wheelchair accessible rooms, and a service animal-friendly environment.

Holland America (Alaska)

Holland America is currently offering one of the more popular cruises currently in the world. For those seeking a slower, more scenic jaunt, the Alaska cruise option would fit the bill tremendously. The 7-Day Alaskan Explorer will begin in Seattle. Starting at $699, travelers will be introduced to five stunning stops along the way (Victoria, Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Glacier Bay National Park) before returning to Seattle. This cruise is a fantastic bang-for-your-buck option — as the glacial views are some of the most striking on Earth.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines (Fjords, Mountains & Glaciers)

The UK-based cruise line specializes in trips throughout Europe specifically. This 8-Day package begins in Liverpool — taking the group throughout an extensive tour of the Norwegian fjords. One will be in utter disbelief at the sheer majesty of these natural wonders. There will be countless opportunities to gallivant through small villages — whilst also capturing the phenomenal scenery via a camera. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is widely regarded as one of the most senior-friendly cruise companies. Rooted in British sensibility and style, the interior of the boat is both charming and regal. Prices for this cruise start out at as low as £699. 

Radiance of the Seas (New Zealand)

Royal Caribbean International offers a thrilling 10-Night cruise throughout one of the world’s best-kept secrets: New Zealand. The cruise will take travelers to every major city within the country. It also offers a quaint dichotomy of climates — as you’ll have periods of cooler, winter terrain spliced with warmer geography. From an activities standpoint, it simply has anything one would want, whether that be skiing, water activities, or even a nice walk amidst a quiet town. The Radiance in particular is fantastic in helping those with mobility issues. The cabins and walkways are more wheelchair-friendly when compared to fellow competitors. Royal Caribbean also has affiliations with medical facilities on-shore — which could help with potential consultations on the boat. The most impressive aspect comes via the hydraulic pool chairs — which enables those beset with physical ailments to enjoy the swimming pool.

Norwegian Cruise (Eastern Caribbean)

Norwegian Cruise — like Azamara Club Cruises — has destinations all across the globe. One could travel to virtually any region through this company. One popular choice for those over age 50 includes the 7-Day trip throughout the Eastern Caribbean. Starting in Miami, travelers will be shuttled between a number of fantastic islands. The cities within the trip include St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands), Nassau (Bahamas), and Tortola (British Virgin Islands). The embracing climate is complemented fully by the comfortable price of $749 per person for the excursion. Norwegian Cruise also offers a specialized package in the form of the studio cabin. Unlike most cruise lines, Norwegian offers a room in which a single passenger will not be required to pay an additional supplemental charge. For those single men or women looking for a great time, this could be a very cost-effective option.

Uniworld River Cruise (Egypt)

River cruises have began to gain traction as a nice alternative for those who’re uncomfortable traveling across large stretches of the ocean. A leader in the field, Uniworld offers jaunts all throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa. For those who’ve longed to experience the historical significance of Egypt, Uniworld offers a 12-Day trip down the famed Nile River. In complete luxury, travelers will be given the opportunity to view exciting museums and a litany of fascinating temples. Included in the package is a roundtrip flight from Cairo to the cruise’s initial departure point of Luxor. Pricing for this exhilarating package (which includes lodging at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo) begins at $4,899. Much like Norwegian Cruise, Uniworld is renowned for waving extraneous pricing for single-cabin individuals.

Viking River Cruises (Romantic Danube)

Let’s face it…some cruises can be completely out of control. This isn’t due to the personnel on board — but rather those in attendance. A serene environment likely won’t be achieved with groups of rowdy individuals hoping to consume as much alcohol as possible. For those seeking a sophisticated and serene cruise, Viking River Cruises offers an excellent option in the Romantic Danube. Starting at $1,699, the 8-Day cruise will take travelers on the famed Danube River. Beginning in Budapest, the trip will include stops in Austria (Vienna, Krems) and Germany (Passau, Regensburg) before ending in Nuremberg. There’s a welcome cocktail reception, farewell dinner, 24/7 guest services, and a plethora of on-boat activities.

Carnival Cruises (Los Angeles to Baja Mexico)

The monotony of everyday life has a habit of draining energy from even the most positive person. As such, participating in something to ‘recharge the proverbial batteries’ is always a good thing. Carnival Cruises offers an array of different cruise options. For those who’re looking for a brief getaway, the cruise line offers a short 3-Day roundtrip excursion from Los Angeles (Long Beach) to Baja Mexico (Ensenada). For two people, an ocean-view room will only set you back a grand total of $581. It’s one of the very few options across the globe in which time of year will not be a factor when looking into booking a cruise. For those who’re into sunbathing on the spacious deck, one can enjoy complementary drinks from the Blueiguana Tequila Bar.

Crystal Cruises (Iberian Influences)

Crystal Cruises is widely regarded as one of the most popular cruise companies in the world. It offers true opulence at a rather modest price. An underrated trip for those over 50 years of age includes the 7-Day trip from Barcelona to Lisbon. The excursion explores Spanish coastal cities of Mallorca, Valencia, Granada, Malaga, and even Gibraltar en route to the fabulous city of Lisbon. The initial package starts at $2,385 per person — which is quite good considering the amount of ground the cruise will cover throughout the Mediterranean.

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