Starting a Website? Here’s How to Secure A Domain Name

With personal blogging evolving into a highly popular endeavor, people all around the world are attempting to build their own websites. Whether it be showcasing photography, writing thoughtful posts, or promoting a business, there’s a real need to craft a legitimate site with professional touches and quality application.

In order for you to get the proverbial ball rolling, a domain must be purchased. This process may seem a bit daunting. However, modern advances have made it a relative breeze.

One must come up with ‘buzz words’ in relation to the product you’re promoting. For instance, a photography blogging site could include a link to both your actual name along with a word in the realm of photography (whether it be photo, photography, pictures, or some variance of the term). Brainstorming potential website names is a smart idea. You’ll want to have a number of different options in the event one’s original choice is taken.

From there, you’ll want to check out multiple domain sites. Two of the most prominent domain sites available include GoDaddy and Google Domains. Walking through each site is quite straightforward. Both websites ask for a specific term. Using a search tool bar, the prospective customer can then determine whether their chosen name for a potential website is available. In some cases, the website name has been chosen. It can be purchased — though some prices could range well into the thousands (and even tens/hundreds of thousands).

GoDaddy’s system helps first-time customers in a large way. If one’s domain is taken, GoDaddy will offer alternate names. These could be slight deviations — or potential domains with similar subject matter. For instance, if one’s “.com” website is taken, GoDaddy may offer it to the customer as a “.us” or a “.live” site. There are millions of people searching for their own domain name. Certain words have a higher frequency in terms of being chosen, whilst others aren’t as popular. For the ones that are popular, the domain name could be more expensive to purchase. Normally, a domain can be had anywhere from $7.99 to $11.99 a year. Some of the prices could be as low as $1.99 a month. Others can be north of $25.00.

It’ll be up to the prospective customer to figure out how they’d like to name their domain — as well as how much money they’re comfortable enough with spending. There are other websites dedicated to helping people finding domains. By doing one’s due diligence, a domain can be had in virtually the blink of an eye.

Image Source: StarClown