The Best Options Online For Purchasing A Bike

The world in general has become much more health-conscious. Gym memberships are at an all-time high, and the emphasis on working out has truly entered the collective psyche of society. A myriad of different workouts, exercises, and tools have been used to garner the best fitness results possible. One of these examples is mountain biking. Avid bikers love the outdoor feel of the sport — as a tranquil feel takes over amidst the scenic environment. There are those wanting to get into mountain biking, but simply don’t have the time to get to a store during one’s busy schedule. Fortunately, there are online mountain bike stores geared specifically towards allowing the customer to pick out a bike with all the characteristics they want.

Bikes Direct specializes in selling bikes at discounted prices. There’s a wide range of options to choose from. Interestingly enough, the company includes free shipping and no sales tax on purchases. Both road and mountain bikes can be had for up to 70-percent off (depending on the listing). Each listing for a bike is detailed with a considerable amount of information. Whether a novice or a veteran, Bikes Direct is apt in making the purchase of a mountain bike easy.

Bicycle Warehouse not only has a large variety of mountain bikes, but it also has accessories, clothing, and equipment for all sorts of bicycles. By initially signing up for the company’s email list, first-time customers will be given 10-percent off their first order. There are six bike categories broken up — including one for mountain bikes. Within the mountain bike umbrella, there are eight sub-categories (Cross Country, Downhill, Electric MTB, Enduro, Fat Bikes, Hardtails, Trail Bikes, Women’s MTB) which all cater to the needs of any mountain bike enthusiast.

Jenson USA

Since 1996, Jenson USA has been selling mountain bikes, parts, accessories, and apparel all across the United States. There are nearly 200 mountain bikes in particular within their online store. Bikes can be tailored to fit the needs of the customer. This includes further breakdowns on brands, colors, fork travels, drive-train types, and all over features associated with quality mountain bikes. Duly, Jenson USA showcases mountain bikes with discounted prices at the top of its website. Star ratings/reviews from past customers are also neatly displayed.


Like many of its competitors in the field, CANYON is heavily rooted in everything having to do with biking. The sleek presentation of the site,, is instantly attractive. Seven different categories featuring mountain bikes are showcased. Furthering its case as a company dedicated to top-notch customer service, each possible bike option has a paragraph describing all it has to offer. In a sense, this example of personalizing the mountain bike gives the interested customer both confidence and comfort.

The advent of online mountain bike stores has made the process easier than ever before. There’s no need to spend time traveling to a bunch of different stores. The online sector of mountain bike shopping provides customers with enough information to make an educated and quality purchase.

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