The 2018 Ford Edge

Ford has consistently been atop the totem pole when it comes to manufacturing top-of-the-line crossover SUV’s. The latest installment within its collection of world-class options includes the 2018 Ford Edge. Picture a luxury SUV fully equipped for a rugged road trip with the family, or a simple jaunt around town on a picturesque Sunday afternoon.

The 2018 Edge has four models: Edge SE, Edge SEL, Edge TITANIUM, and Edge SPORT. Each comes with specific needs tailored to truly fit the prospective buyer’s every need. The SE is introduced as the base model. Starting with a beginning price of $29,220, the vehicle gets 29 miles-per-gallon on highway driving, and a respectable 21 miles-per-gallon within city limits.

Base models possess turbocharged four-cylinder engines — though the twin-turbo V-6 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine in the Sport model packs quite a bit of punch when driving in rougher terrain. It also includes an excellent 315 HP and 350 lbs-per-ft of torque. For an upper-echelon SUV, the Sport model is truly exceptional. The starting price for a Sport is $39,170 — though one can lease for as low as $413 per month. For something in the middle, the SEL and Titanium come equipped with a V6 presentation.

From an aesthetics standpoint, dark headlamps, a revamped front grille, rear spoilers, and Magnetic-painted wheels have been introduced. There are nine wheel choices to select from — each dissimilar in size, material, and color. The darkening of accented exterior features aid in allowing for the car to have a sleeker overall look.

The interior also received some understated — yet effective changes. On both the Titanium and Sport models, one can choose to have LED lights illuminate specific sections of the car. Seven color choices (red, green, soft blue, orange, blue, purple, Choose Ice Blue) are available. A Panoramic Vista Roof enables passengers to enjoy the wide visibility of the sky. This is perfect for those days offering a beautiful sunset, or a sky chock-full of big, fluffy clouds.

Spatially, the cabin is both accommodating and spacious. There is more than enough space for a family of five to comfortably travel together. When with family or friends, the foremost concern on everyone’s mind is safety. Fortunately, the 2018 Ford Edge has excellent marks across the board.

NHSTA — a highly respected entity in reviewing vehicle safety — gave the 2018 Ford Edge a 5-star rating in all safety categories (frontal barrier crash rating, side crash rating, combined seat barrier and pole ratings, side barrier rating). The vehicle also received perfect marks in four out of five categories by the IIHS.

The car retains its high standing when it comes to the technological bells and whistles. The Titanium, Sport, and SEL models are now made available with the Safe and Smart package. This includes a number of significant safety measures — including lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alert, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

When collectively analyzing the 2018 Ford Edge, there’s simply a lot to like. Very rarely can a prospective buyer find a vehicle possessing both stylish and practical elements. These components truly aid in making this vehicle a comprehensively great buy.

Image Source: MotorTrend