Summer Is Here! Find The Perfect Bathing Suit Online

Summer is upon us! With the weather heating up to inferno-like conditions, people normally look at a body of water as a reprieve, Pools, lakes, oceans, rivers, and makeshift bodies of water in pick-up truck beds are often popular locations for the summer months. In order to fully enjoy these cool alternatives, one must wear the proper attire. It’s integral to have a well-fitted bathing suit. Older, tight ones — or ones that are too large — can both fall off and be uncomfortable. To avoid potentially embarrassing situations, a number of online stores have been created to fit all of one’s bathing suit needs. This includes boardshorts, bikinis, full-body bathing suits, rash guards, and all other type of water-based clothing.

There are a plethora of online stores to choose from. Four popular ones in particular include CupShe, Zaful, PacSun, and Chubbies.


PacSun is known for manufacturing clothing geared towards the water. As such, the online website has quite a few options pertaining to boardshorts. In general, PacSun offers free shipping on all boardshorts and swim trunks. Customers of all genders can break down potential purchases by style (solid, striped, printed), brand, length, size, price, and color. With this sort of variety, PacSun is truly dedicated in making the purchasing of a bathing suit — for both men and women — as easy as possible.


While also possessing men’s apparel, Zaful is known for a wide range of women’s bathing suits. Per the Zaful website, customers can enjoy multiple discounts — including free shipping on orders over $49, a 30-day return warranty, and a 10-percent discount upon signing up on the site. The swimwear tab showcases a considerable amount of differing styles. This includes bottoms, bikini tops, and dresses (along with the varying degrees of modesty).


Based in Santa Monica, Chubbies has recently received plenty of publicity for its off-the-wall suits and spectacularly crafted specialty items. However, the company’s bread-and-butter lies within its assortment of bathing suit trunks. The shorts function as crossover options — as they can be worn at the beach, in the pool, and also during everyday activities. They are also fashioned with funky and colorful designs — the type that’ll surely catch the eye of an admirer. The shorts themselves breathe very nicely, and have the stretchable material needed to function in any sort of situation.


CupShe is all about providing individuals with “confidence and beauty through redefined and affordable fashion”. With an easy to use interface, CupShe includes tabs with new arrivals, one pieces, bikini sets, and best sellers. There’s also a sales tab with plenty of cost-effective options. Interested customers truly have a nice variety from which to potentially choose from.

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Image Source: Rico Puhlmann/Getty Images