Apartment Hunting? Be Sure to Check out These Websites First

Finding an apartment can be a tricky ordeal. There’s the act of finding a spot which best suits one’s specific needs. This could include wanting to live in a safe area, as well as finding an affordable spot which fits with a potential work commute. There’s also the aspect of time — as daily life can be both hectic and quite busy. Fortunately, there are a number of websites dedicated solely towards helping out someone in need of a place to lease.

Before we go into some options, we must first give one valuable tip. Via the use of social media, it would make sense to put out some feelers when searching for a place. One might be pleasantly be surprised to see plenty of friends and acquaintances also looking for spots to live. Duly, there could be opportunities popping up in terms of someone wanting to fill a vacant spot in their own apartment (and potentially at a discounted price).

Here are a few sites to check out when wanting to rent an apartment:


Yes, CraigsList can be a daunting place. There’s a lot to digest when entering the site. However, one may be shocked at the amount of apartments made available for rent. Each listing will feature a full run-down on the property — including amenities, characteristics, and pictures of the actual apartment/condo/room. Individual properties can be broken up by city, neighborhood, and ultimately the desired apartment requirements (whether it be a two-bedroom, one-bedroom, or studio).


As the title would suggest, this is a rather straightforward option. It’s filter options are quite detailed — as the prospective customer is asked for location, rent range, and the amount of bedrooms/bathrooms desired. Even more than that, one can look at condos, townhouses, and homes in addition to apartments. According to the website, a team of experts work alongside the customer to come up with the best possible option. This may include finding places with elevators, on-site laundry, or pet friendly capabilities.


Abodo is an excellent option for those currently in college. The site specifically has a filtration section in which one can look for vacant apartments under its ‘Popular Campuses’ tab. Available apartments will appear in correspondence to their location on campus/directly next to campus. Prospective customers can further narrow down the search using specified filters (price range, pet friendly, bathrooms/bedrooms, location, on-site gym, etc.).


HotPads is a comprehensive streamlined site with plenty of options. It includes available apartments in all of the major cities within the United States. From there, the rental marketplace is broken up by state. Those all over the country are able to find affordable options with HotPads. It does a great job of compiling all data efficiently in one specific area.

Image Source: Rent Philly